What I’m Playing


I’ll try to keep this page updated with what games I’m currently playing through, and what’s on my pile of shame.


Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Playing The Forgotten Age cycle solo with Ursula and Jenny.  Currently on Scenario 2.

Centauri Saga: Abandoned – A legacy campaign expansion for Centauri Saga, playing solo with 2 armadas, currently on Scene 1.2.

Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame – Playing solo, currently on Case 3.

The Enigma Box – Playing solo, currently on the Location 1.

Folklore: The Affliction – Playing solo with 4 characters, currently on Story 1.

Kingdom Death: Monster – Playing through a People of the Lantern campaign solo with the 1.5 updates, Sunstalker, and Slender Man expansions.  I have played several 1.3 campaigns previous to this one.  Currently on Lantern Year 28, almost to the end!.

One Deck Dungeon – Playing solo with the rogue, still on the first dungeon.

The Rise of Queensdale – Playing a 2-player campaign with my friend.  2 games played, currently on Epoch 2.

Scythe: The Rise of Fenris – Campaign expansion for Scythe.  Not a legacy game, but has a bunch of modules that can be unlocked over the course of a campaign.  Was originally hoping to play this with friends, but have decided to play through it solo with the automa variant.  Currently on Episode 5.

SEAL Team Flix – Playing solo with 2 characters.  Currently on Mission 3.

Street Masters – Playing The Rise of the Kingdom story solo with Natalia.  Currently on Part 2B.

The Tale of Ord – An episodic tabletop narrative experience, playing solo.  Currently on Chapter 1.

Trip  1907 – An interactive “escape the book” game, similar in design to Journal 29, but with more of an underlying story to it.  Kosmos will be publishing it in Germany as part of the EXIT series of escape room games.  Currently on Chapter 16.


The 7th Continent – I’ve played and beaten “The Voracious Goddess”, but I still need to beat 6 of the 7 curses.

Charterstone – I’ve played through a solo campaign, but still need to play through a campaign with my friends.

Dragonfire – Playing solo with four characters.  I am stuck on the final scenario of the core game campaign, so I need to get back into the game at some point if I want to continue through all the expansion content.

Graphic Novel Adventures – Collection of five interactive graphic novel adventure books, originally published in France by Blue Orange and brought to the US by Van Ryder Games.  I have finished Captive, but still need to read/play the other four.

Grimslingers: The Northern Territories – I’ve played and beaten the Skull path, but I still need to play through Heart and Llama paths.

X-Wing: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – Fan-made co-op campaign variant of X-Wing.  I played the intro mission, but have but this back on hold since so many higher-profile games have come out since Gen Con.


Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger – Board game adaptation of the classic CYOA book series.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Tabletop minis game based on the Fallout franchise.  Has a solo/co-op campaign mode, will need to read through the rules and see how it works.

Near and Far w/ The Amber Mines – Planning to play through campaign mode solo with two characters using the co-op variant introduced in The Amber Mines.

Too Many Bones – Planning to play solo with 2 gearlocs.   Will probably play the Undertow campaign first, then Age of Tyranny.