What I’m Playing


I’ll try to keep this page updated with what games I’m currently playing through, and what’s on my pile of shame.


The 7th Continent  – Playing solo through “An Offering to the Guardians”

Betrayal Legacy – Playing a 5-player campaign, on the final chapter, Chapter 13

Charterstone – Playing a 2-player campaign, on Chapter 6 of 12

Chronicles of Crime – Playing solo, finished 2 of the 5 cases that come with the base game

Dawn of Peacemakers – Playing solo through the campaign, on Chapter 9 of 12

Detective: City of Angels – Playing solo through the cases in Sleuth Mode, finished 1 of the 12 cases

Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles – Playing solo through the campaign with the Diviner and (Triforce) class.  Just started it, only have beaten the first scenario of the expansion.

The Tale of Ord – An episodic tabletop narrative experience, playing solo.  Currently on the last part, Part 4, and sad to see it end!

TIME Stories – My wife and I are slowly making our way through Brotherhood of the Coast.  It’s near impossible to find enough time in an evening to play a session of this, and have been prioritizing watching some Netflix series instead.

The Wilson Wolfe Affair – A huge tabletop narrative experience and puzzle hunt, playing solo.  I think I’ve solved maybe 8 of the 50(?) puzzles in the game.



The 7th Continent – I’ve played and beaten “The Voracious Goddess” and “The Crystal’s Song”, but I have yet to beat 10 of the 12 curses, or try out 3 optional expansions.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Still need to play The Circle Undone mythos cycle, as well as the various hard-mode “Return To” cycles

Chronicles of Crime – Also own the Redview and Noir expansions

Comanauts – About to try it out, not really sure if the “campaign mode” really is a thing or not

Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame – LA Crimes – Planning to play it solo

Escape Tales: The Awakening – A longer form escape-room inspired game (takes like 3 hours or so to beat) that has a branching narrative, sounds cool!  Planning to play solo.

EXIT – Still need to play The Mysterious Manor and the Sinister Mansion

Gen7: A Crossroads Game – Tried playing it solo, but it wasn’t that much fun.  Tried finding a group to play it, no takers.  Tried selling it, no buyers.  It’s cursed.

Graphic Novel Adventures – Collection of five interactive graphic novel adventure books, originally published in France by Blue Orange and brought to the US by Van Ryder Games.  I have finished Captive, but still need to read/play the other four.

Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr – I bought this, but have yet to crack it open

Ironclad – My Kickstarter copy arrived, planning to play it solo at some point

Kingdom Death: Monster – Still need to beat a campaign of People of the Stars and People of the Sun, but waiting until Wave 3 arrives to start a new campaign.  Also have yet to fight some of the 1.0 expansion monsters: Spidicules, Lion God, Lonely Tree, and Dragon King

Middara – At long last, my copy of Middara has arrived!  But I’m going to wait until the update pack in 2020 to actually start my campaign.

Near and Far w/ The Amber Mines – Was hoping to play this 2-player with a friend, but we’re currently busy with Charterstone.

Robinson Crusoe – Need to play the Lost City of Z campaign that came with Mystery Tales.  I’ve been waiting years for this expansion to come out!

So Long, My World – Got my Kickstarter copy, and initial buzz from people has been good.  Need to try out the solo campaign mode

TIME Stories – Still need to play Madame expansion after we beat Brotherhood of the Coast

Unlock! – Still need to play all the scenarios from Exotic Adventures and Heroic Adventures