Welcome to The Campaign Log, the only blog dedicated to campaign, legacy, and narrative-focused board gaming!  My name is TJ and I’ve been pushing cubes since early 2012.  I was introduced to modern board games with gateway titles like CatanTicket to Ride, and Dominion, and quickly fell down the rabbit hole.  Two titles I discovered pretty early on in my journey were Pandemic and Risk Legacy, and both really shaped how I am as a gamer today, as they introduced me to co-op/solo board gaming and campaign/legacy board gaming respectively.

I am primarily a solo gamer, and to me solo campaign gaming is just the analog equivalent of playing an adventure game on my PS4.  I do try to rope my friends into playing through competitive campaign games with me, although given the (in)frequency of our game nights, it can take us several months to work our way through a campaign.  My wife enjoys co-op games as well, so sometimes I play through campaign games with her.  My daughter is still a toddler, but hopefully one day she’ll want to embark on some adventures!

This blog is my attempt to promote this growing sub-genre through news, reviews, and other articles.  We’ll see what the frequency of my posting is, I suspect if more and more campaign games keep coming out, I’ll have plenty to write about!

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